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O Ren Ishii
O Ren Ishii

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PostSubject: -=Read Before Applying=-   -=Read Before Applying=- Icon_minitimeSun Jul 22, 2007 2:48 am

First of all, welcome on .eXp.'s board

Interested by joining us ?


You have to be an experienced, fair and active player.
Experienced : You already reached more than 500k points in the top100.

If you're not experienced but you play seriously and have good results (top150 minimum), you can try to apply too.

Rules of your application

- Only english is allowed (even if your english is as awful as mine Wink )
- Title of your topic is : "Application of your nickname".
- Ranks (general/fleet/research)
- Ex-alliance (and why you left them).
- Your ogame experience (universe + ranks + HOFs if you made some)
- Why us ?
- Are you a fleeter (and/or) a farmer (in this uni) ?
- Age/sex/location
- An intro of who you are in real life (job, hobbies, music...)

We are not hurry to answer your application, we'll see your motivation through your patience Smile

After our answer to your application, your thread will be moved to the private part of the board.

Good luck for your application!

Regards, O Ren Ishii

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-=Read Before Applying=-
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